About me

My name is Alannah and I live on a farm near a small town in Victoria Australia. My Mum is a teacher and my Dad is a farmer. On our farm we mostly run sheep (Crossies). But we have a few cattle. We have four chickens three dogs one is a retied farm dog, one is a pet and the other is a farm dog. I am 12 years of age turning 13 this year, I am in year 7 and I have one brother a Mum and Dad. My hobbies are swimming, Netball, Cricket, helping dad on the farm, running on the haybales, riding the motor bike, Tadpoling (in the winter and spring), athletics, running and more. I like anything with chocolate in it, caramel slice, chicken wings, most fruits and LOTS, LOTS more! I am a student from Australia.

I got the idea from the Student Challenge Blog