My Easter

First I would like to tell you about what easter is. Easter is a christian religeous celebration from when Jesus died and came back to life . In Austrlia an “Easter bunny” delivers chocolate eggs to children on easter sunday. Easter is spread out between 4 days, from Easter Friday to Easter Monday. Easter eggs are chocolate eggs and they come in all different sizes and shapes, they can also be shaped as bunnys and other things. They can come in dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. They are covered in bright coloured foil and are very yummy. Some people might be jealous since we get a whole lot of chocolate, but some  kids from different countries get halloween so its makes up for Easter!!!

My Easter goes like this… On Easter Sunday morning’s when we were little my brother and I got up very early and searched the place for eggs. We had icecream containers to fill up with the eggs and once my brother and I thought we got them all we would count them all up and split them evenly and ate them. One Bad thing I’ve learnt about Easter eggs is not to put them in and out of the fridge or they would go all white, but they still tasted yummy.