It is impossible to see Micro-Organisms with the naked eye unless a large amount of them group together, which is called a colony. Micro-Organisms  can live anywhere, from under water to dry deserts. While some Micro-Organisms can cause diseases, some can cure them. Such as Penicillin, Penicillium can cure diseases  caused by bacterial growth. Penicillin is the drug and Penicillinis the mould.  Dr Fleming  discovered  that the bacteria that he was studying was interffered by a Micro-Oganism called Penicillum.

Our Experiment

Today in Science class we did an experiment. The aim of this experiment was to find out what temperature yeast is most active and produduce a gas. I was in a group with Caleb, Josh and Lachan.  We had to mix half a teaspoon of yeast, quarter of a cup of sugar and different temperature water in bottles. the bottles where all the same size and shape. We put the yeast and  sugar in the bottles then put half a cup of water the temperature of 14 degrees c in one bottle. Half a cup of water at the temperture of 37 degrees c and the last bottle with half a cup of  boiling water inside. Then we put balloons on top of them and put sticky tape on to the balloon to make it airtight. We are just waiting for the reactions but so far the warm water is making the balloon pop up and there is lots of froth on the top.CJ

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