Escape from Worryville

This is box of Krispy Kreme donuts. I put this picture up because yesterday two men came to my school and did a play for us. They dressed as two teenage school boys because that was one of their characters. Hahona was a teenage boy who met a boy called Thomas while they where doing yard duty (picking up ribbish). Hahona got yard duty and suspended for a day because he was eating donuts out of one of the many box’s in the staff room. Thomas got yard duty because he was fighting in  class because one of his class mates called his Mum stupid but Thomas’ Mum actually had cancer. Hahona found Thomas smoking and asked why, he said “Because it makes me feel good.” He also found out that Thomas burns himself with the cigarette. When Thomas went home to get away from school his dad came home early because had been stressing out about his Mum who had cancer and started yelling at Thomas for wagging school. At night Thomas ran away to the train station and these drunk guys started bashing him up and then Hahona came and started running away with Thomas. Hahona was grounded that weekend because he got suspended, but he had a party on that night so he went to catch the train and Thomas was there. While they were running away Thomas was getting slower and slower, Hahona jumped a barbed wire fence and scratched his arm not knowing that Thomas was way behind. When Hahona looked back he saw all the drunk guys bashing Thomas up, by the time Hahona got to him the drunk guys had gone and he passed out. Thomas woke up and went to Hahonas house but Hahonas dad found him and called his parents. Hahona went to hospital and got his arm sticthed up and got a kidhelpline card for Thomas. It really helped Thomas with his smoking and burning himself.

Picture from: Flickr CC Willhowells

The power of we

A group of people that I admire is my netball team. We dont tease each other on our athletic ability’s or what we look like. I think we all realise that each of us are good and bad at different things. Our team is in the finals and this weekend we are in the second semi-final. We are playing against a team that we have played before and we have won both games but not by much. The reason that I think we are in the finals and won nearly every game is that we work as a team. We support each other and if anyone needs help we help them. We have some good systems that wouldn’t work without team work.

If you don’t really fit in with anyone in your team go and talk to them and see if you share some interests. Kirsty and I both love netball and have been with each other for a long time (that helps). Aimee likes girly things like makeup, hair, shopping and clothes, which I like as well (I have also been friends with her for a long time). Sophie lives on a farm and is into motorbikes and scouts, I also love the farm, motorbikes and I did scouts for a year or two. Mya likes being crazy and immature, which I like! She is two years younger but I share interests with her. This is an example that you can be friends with anyone. I think you can be friends with anyone if you both try hard enough and share the same interests, you just have to be nice to people and it’s alright if you hate something that the other person loves just try not to bring it up too much if it offends them. My main point is that if you don’t like someone in your team nothing between you two will work. So try your hardest to be a team.

Tuesdays humanities class

Today the boys in our class are doing a program called “It’s a boys thing” with Julie and Chindy.

Period four today eight girls in my class including me are helping out Mrs Murch in ICT with the preps.



Ten things you dont know about me

1. I have two Lambs that my brother and I feed morning and night.

2. I am learning how to drive.

3. I can drive our four wheeler moto bike.

4. I dislike Reece Mastin.

5. I LOVE watching BIG BROTHER.

6. I have watched nearly every episode of the Big Bang Theory.

7. Our Netball team is in the finals.

8. I love chocolate.

9. I love spring and Summer.

10. I want to be a vetinarian or a zoo keeper.

Where would I like to be in 10 years

Honestly I dont know. I’ve always wanted to work with animals, I’ve been thinking about a career as a zoo keeper or a vet. I probaly would prefer to be a zoo keeper but (not trying to be picky) I heard that the pay of a zoo keeper isnt very much but then again you get paid for something that you’d like to do. Thats what I want to do, get paid for something that I want and enjoy doing. I facinate about playing in the Vixens netball team but I know I’m not that good of a netballer. I also have thought  of being a farmer and taking over for my Dad, or if I worked as a zoo keeper or vet and I could still live on a farm. I could also be a vet but instead of working in town I could work out on farms, e.g when people call me out to look at there farm animals. Healesville Sanctuary.