Drinking water

Drinking water comes from the rain for my house. It falls on our roof, runs of into the gutter, falls into the pipes and goes into our tank. Drinking water comes from a bore underground for our farm animals. At my school it is the same prosses. There are a few issues with drinking water; if its stops raining for a while then the water will run out and we will have to buy water, if sewedge gets into the tanks and there can be infestations into the tanks (which happened at my school). At home we access the water from taps, shower heads ect. At school we access water from bubble taps and water fountains. Farm animals accesss it from troughs which are long or round stone containers, when the water gets low the float drops and the watter comes out to fill the trough.

Term 1

I liked term 1 because of all the swimming training and the swimming sports. I was involved at the school swimming sports, the interschool swimming and the warrnambool swimming sports. I also liked the triathalon swimming training and I am looking forward to tomorrow when I actually compete. I am also looking forward to the casual day on the last day of term, everyone has to dress as something starting with the first letter of your name. Mine is ‘a’ there for I am going as avatar. I liked the BBQ we helped out with at the primary althletics.


Our school had a play of Shakespeare, it was about the King and Queen of winter and the King of summer. They had a party and the King of winter let the queen of winter dance with the king of summer. The king of winter was getting angry becasue he thought that they had an affair. He poisened the King of summer and banished the queen of winter but the queen of winter came back with the king of winters new born baby. He thought that the baby was the king of summers baby so he sent people to kill it but they didnt. The Baby grew up and married a prince. We were the Bollywood dancers from the summerland.