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When the Tornado Hit

It was a normal Sunday night sitting on the couch with my Mum and Dad. We were watching TV when the news beak came on. There was a .5 tornado coming our way! Lucie, the new reporter, said that it was coming fast and getting stronger.

Our dog Jack was barking, the window shutters were clanging and the television, lights and electrical appliances were flashing. I could hear the chickens clucking, the sheep bahhing and the cows mooing.

 Dad went upstairs to get Sally, my little sister, while Mum went into the kitchen to get food supplies and the camp stove. I didn’t know what to do so I got the dog and ran into the basement. I sat down on the bench and just waited, staring at the clanging door at the top of the stairs waiting for Mum or Dad or Sally to come down.

 Mum came down with loads of baked beans and tinned spaghetti. I don’t know why, coz the storm’s going to blow over in a minute or two. Dad! What about Dad and Sally? When are they going to come? ARE they going to come? Jake woofed and Dad opened the door with Sally!

 The storm was as wild as ever. Mum was waiting at the bottom of the stairs, Dad threw Sally into Mum’s arms, and next I saw Dad fly away with the rest of the house.


He was gone, DAD, my father, was gone! Mum held Sally as she cried. I hugged Mum as I cried. Mum was trying to be strong but she cried as well, and all the while the storm was still there, right outside. We all cried ourselves to sleep.

 I woke up in the morning with Sally’s head on my lap. Mum was outside. You have to face the music sometime or another! I walked up the stairs not knowing what to expect. I opened the door, and the first thing I saw was power line laying on the ground with sparks flying out of it.

 Then I thought, what about my friends, neighbours and family? As I looked around I saw a tree, flowers out of the garden, the roof and my neighbour’s front door, all on the front lawn. My house was completely demolished.

 How could Mother nature hate us so much? OK, OK, it’s not Mother nature who did this, it’s just weather.

 JUST JUST … It’s not “just” weather. IT’S TERRIBLE! I’ve lost my Dad, my house, all our belongings. A disaster!

 I see Mum on her knees. I can hear her crying … it’s about Dad and the house and the town!  

 I was about to go over to hug her when I heard Sally. “Moll, Moll,” she called out. I ran over to the basement, and opened the metal hatch.

I stepped down the stairs expecting to see Sally and Jack but they weren’t there. The tins and the camp stove weren’t there ether. I was looking around to see if Sally was hiding somewhere with Jack but they weren’t. I ran what I thought was outside to tell Mum that Sally and Jack had disappeared. But It wasn’t outside it was our hall way.

 I screeched to a stop and just gave myself a moment to take it all in. Then a thought just shot into my head. “If the house is back then Dad must be,” I whispered n to myself.  I fast walked to the lounge.

 “Molly what happened, you ran off to the basement with Jack?”  Dad asked. I stared at them with confusion trying to think of a different theory of the one I came up with in the basement. “Doesn’t matter,” Mum interrupted “Come sit back down.” I ran over to the couch with my arms wide open ready for a hug.

 By Alannah, Year 6

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