At the start of the year there is always lots of tests. I dont like tests, they always seem to worry me about how well I do. I know tests are for teachers to see what level the student is on but I still dont like them. I’m still a bit scatchy with my seven and eight times tables when teachers just ask me when I dont write it down. I like all the other times tables. I like Addition, Subtraction, I’m not realy sure with divided by’s. My favorite maths site is


How Many squares of all different sizes are in a checkerboard

Today our callenge was to find out how many squares or differrent sizes where on a checker board. I found out 89 by counting the the smallest squares which equaled 64. After that I counted the squares from the corners bigger by a row each time.

checkerboardThis is the checker board I made on word.

 Square Numbers

Today in maths we were doing square numbers. A square number is if you do 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6 and so on. This is a table we had to draw up and then in our books we had to write the answers for the the corners in each colour.

Area & Perimeter

This week we have started learning about area and perimeter. Yesterday we made square metres out of newspaper, sticky tape and 30cm rulers. Our group made our square metre by putting two peices of paper together, we measured 90cm using a 30cm ruler and then measured 10cm to add up to a metre. Then did the same with all the other sides. We ruled it out with a metre ruler and we were only a few mm off. This is my idea of area and perimeter. Perimeter is the outside or outline of an object. Area is the inside of an object or how much area it takes up.

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