Chicago Skype Link up


A few weeks ago our IT class had a skype link-up with a “storm chaser”, David, who was from Chicago. He taught us about different clouds, how bad the storms and tornadoes are and how to know which direction the storm is heading.

Favourite sport

My favourite sport is Netball. I train on a thursday and I play on a saturday. I play for the local team, Hawkesdale Macathur. Our team logo is eagles. I have played for four years and last year my team won the grand final.


This is a movie a group in my class made by using a GoPro. We used a GPro to take a photo every 2 seconds then we put all the photos together in movie maker.


Drinking water podcast

This is script for my classes podcast about drinking water going to a German radio station.

Farm animals (sheep and cattle) access water from streams troughs and dams. The water comes into the troughs from a bore underground and gets pumped up with a windmill. The dams collect rain water but most summers they run dry. We also need rain for our crops to grow otherwise they dry up and we have to get irrigation. Irrigation is where is a pipe held up about two meters over you’re crop, and there are little sprinklers along the pipe letting off water.

And this is my classes podcast.

hawkesdalep12college waterinrural areas

Apollo bay

On friday we went to Apollo bay, it took us three hours to get there and when we did we got changed into wetsuits. We went to to the beach and have a surf. Then we got back we had a BBQ and then we taught the year 7’s and 8’s how to blog. After that we played a few games in sport and then we left for another three hour trip home.

Drinking water

Drinking water comes from the rain for my house. It falls on our roof, runs of into the gutter, falls into the pipes and goes into our tank. Drinking water comes from a bore underground for our farm animals. At my school it is the same prosses. There are a few issues with drinking water; if its stops raining for a while then the water will run out and we will have to buy water, if sewedge gets into the tanks and there can be infestations into the tanks (which happened at my school). At home we access the water from taps, shower heads ect. At school we access water from bubble taps and water fountains. Farm animals accesss it from troughs which are long or round stone containers, when the water gets low the float drops and the watter comes out to fill the trough.

Term 1

I liked term 1 because of all the swimming training and the swimming sports. I was involved at the school swimming sports, the interschool swimming and the warrnambool swimming sports. I also liked the triathalon swimming training and I am looking forward to tomorrow when I actually compete. I am also looking forward to the casual day on the last day of term, everyone has to dress as something starting with the first letter of your name. Mine is ‘a’ there for I am going as avatar. I liked the BBQ we helped out with at the primary althletics.