Ten things you dont know about me

1. I have two Lambs that my brother and I feed morning and night.

2. I am learning how to drive.

3. I can drive our four wheeler moto bike.

4. I dislike Reece Mastin.

5. I LOVE watching BIG BROTHER.

6. I have watched nearly every episode of the Big Bang Theory.

7. Our Netball team is in the finals.

8. I love chocolate.

9. I love spring and Summer.

10. I want to be a vetinarian or a zoo keeper.

5 thoughts on “Ten things you dont know about me

  1. Hi Larnie, we have two pet lambs as well. How old are yours? Fortunately, our lambs are only fed once a day as they are getting older now. All the best with the netball finals! What position do you play? Where is your team on the ladder?

  2. Our pet lambs are about 8 weeks I think, they are both girls and are called Bonnie and Pepples. How old are yours? I usually play wing defence and where on top beating everyone by a game.

  3. Hi Larnie – I adore spring and autumn, – not such a fan of summer and I HATE big brother. Other than that, I think we pretty much like the same things. Good luck with the driving.

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