Where would I like to be in 10 years

Honestly I dont know. I’ve always wanted to work with animals, I’ve been thinking about a career as a zoo keeper or a vet. I probaly would prefer to be a zoo keeper but (not trying to be picky) I heard that the pay of a zoo keeper isnt very much but then again you get paid for something that you’d like to do. Thats what I want to do, get paid for something that I want and enjoy doing. I facinate about playing in the Vixens netball team but I know I’m not that good of a netballer. I also have thought  of being a farmer and taking over for my Dad, or if I worked as a zoo keeper or vet and I could still live on a farm. I could also be a vet but instead of working in town I could work out on farms, e.g when people call me out to look at there farm animals. Healesville Sanctuary.

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