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My name is Alannah and I live on a farm near a small town in Victoria Australia. My Mum is a teacher and my Dad is a farmer. On our farm we mostly run sheep (Crossies). But we have a few cattle. We have four chickens three dogs one is a retied farm dog, one is a pet and the other is a farm dog. I am 12 years of age turning 13 this year, I am in year 7 and I have one brother a Mum and Dad. My hobbies are swimming, Netball, Cricket, helping dad on the farm, running on the haybales, riding the motor bike, Tadpoling (in the winter and spring), athletics, running and more. I like anything with chocolate in it, caramel slice, chicken wings, most fruits and LOTS, LOTS more! I am a student from Australia.

I got the idea from the Student Challenge Blog

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  1. That’s so cool you live in Australia! I live in the United States. My cousin is living in Australia for 2 months because her husband’s job got transferred there. I’m not sure what city she is in but it’s across Australia from Sydney and Canberra. Have you ever been to the Sydney Opera house?

  2. Hi, Alannah! My name is Mrs. Caudill and my students have just started their blogs. They are working on their “About Me” post and we took a look at yours for an example. We are located in Circleville, Ohio in the United States. We would love for you to check out our blogs. And please let us know what “Netball” is! It is a sport we are not familiar with, unless it is something we have a different name for?

  3. Hi, my name is Molly! I live in Ohio over here in the States. My mom is a teacher, too, and I actually have her this year in 7th grade as one of my teachers! Have you ever had your mom as a teacher? It sort of has its advantages and disadvantages!

    Anyway, I am already 13 and I love playing sports such as softball, volleyball, and basketball! Do you have those sports in Australia? I’m also a big chocolate fan, too!! 🙂

    If you ever get bored, I have a blog myself and you might want to check it out! Here is the link: http://mollycle6.edublogs.org/

    If you do ever look at it, be sure to comment! I look forward to reading you future post and maybe learning a little more about what life is like in Australia!! 🙂


  4. Hi Molly, Really me too I have her this year as my HOME teacher! :/ Yeah its good when you need money for the canteen and when you need some help with some homework but its also bad because it sometimes embarrasing! 😉 Yeah I’m a sports junkie too and yea we do have those but there not as popular as Netball and Aussie rules football. Have you ever heard of netball and aussie rules football? okay me too 😉 Cya

  5. Hello Mrs Caudill, I started my blog a few years ago thank you for reading my posts, I have got a comment from a girl called Molly are you her teacher? If so thank you for incourging her to leave a comment. Really I’ve allways wanted to go to the US! Im sure I will, can you put some hypolinks on your blog so I can look at your students blog. Netball is a winter sport that is very popular in Australia for girls. It involves two teams and a ball, when you have the ball you are not aloud to step. The aim is to get the ball in your teams hoop, your team is aloud seven people on the ashvelt court at one time and there is four quarters in one game. certen players have carten spots there alound and not aloud to be in. Only the goal shooter and the goal attack are aloud to shoot but you are aloud to swap possitions in between quarters. I dont think there is any other name for it. Cya, Alannah.

  6. Hello, Larnie!
    Yes, Molly is my daughter and I did encourage her to comment on your blog. I love the idea of students connecting around the world via their blogs!

    My class blog is http://mrsccc.edublogs.org/. If you go to my blog, you will find a link to all of my students’ blogs. I have over 100 students. Most of them are just getting started blogging, so any positive feedback and comments you can leave for them would be great!

    Thanks for explaining a little what “Netball” is. Sounds a little confusing!

    I am going to subscribe to your blog with Google Reader so I can keep up with your blog! If you don’t mind, I will also put a link to your blog on my blogroll.

    Have a great day!
    Mrs. Caudill

  7. Hello Larnie.
    I really like your blog! I have three dogs too. Their names are Max, Bella, and Chunk. I love to play with them.
    But I have three brothers. Their names are Scotty, Eric, and Stephen. My hobbies are football and wrestling. But I like to swim also. I like all kind of candy.
    Do you like living on a farm? Is it fun to live there?
    You can check out my blog at http://jordanle6.edublogs.org/

  8. Hello Larnie, My name is Grace. I live in the United States. I was just checking out some of the blogs on the week one blogging challenge and I decided to check yours out. I have one question, what is Tadpoling? I don’t know if it is something we have here in the United States and I just don’t know that name.

    I have seen that my teacher (Mrs. Caudill) and one of my fellow classmates (Molly) have commented on your blog. I saw you like chicken wings. I love chicken wings! If you have time and would like to check out my blog at gracele3.edublogs.org. If you could anwser my question that would be great. Also, feel free to ask me any questions.

    Thanks, Grace

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